Based on Western Canada's Beautiful Vancouver Island, VINISLE Marketing provides Wineries | Vineyards & Distilleries with a full range of website development and digital marketing services to grow tasting room traffic and sell more product direct to consumers. Our process always starts with an audit of where your efforts have been, where they currently are, and where you think they need to go.
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VINISLE Marketing, a family-owned and operated agency was created to service Wineries | Vineyards & Distilleries in need of a trusted marketing partner to help drive traffic and sales without blowing the budget. As technology rapidly changes, we work to provide clarity and appropriate time and budget-sensitive paths to goal attainment.

Corey Wood has been working in the Marketing and Sales industry for 20+ years with much of it focused on servicing the needs of customers locally and globally. Digital Marketing Consulting, as well as Web Development, have contributed to the strategic approach needed to truly see the needs of customers.  Corey is also the Associate Producer of Terry David Mulligan’s weekly podcast Tasting Room Radio

Heather Wood, brings a wealth of experience to the partnership as she has worked in Customer Service and Finance for over 20+ years, balancing the micro needs of all clients.  Now a co-owner of a thriving Travel Agency in Sidney BC, Heather offers insights into the processes and administration required to successfully deliver positive customer journeys through VINISLE

This Team is further comprised of specialized consultants in Design, IT Security and eCommerce. The Team has a passion for supporting local industry and fostering relationships made along the way. 

Heather and Corey Wood-VINISLE
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